Planet with four suns discovered by volunteers

Astronomers have found a planet whose skies are illuminated by four different suns - the first known of its type.


The distant world orbits one pair of stars which have a second stellar pair revolving around them.


Radovan Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has said he should be rewarded for "reducing suffering", not accused of carrying out war crimes.


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If Oroville Dam failed, residents likely would not be advised in time


Military wife mourning fallen Green Beret in viral video is hailed as 'patriot'

A military wife captured mourning her fallen Green Beret husband in a video that has gone viral.

The passengers were asked to stay in their seats so they could let someone off the aircraft first.

Military Wife

Officer Shawn Thomas' widow, T.J.,

Politicized, Militarized Homeland Security Department Unveils New Panzer Division

ablogger wrote:
Politicized, Militarized Homeland Security Department Unveils New Panzer Division

This to go along with it's 1.2 BILLION rounds of ammo
(22 lead slugs for each-and-every Republican) and
armored checkpoint booths... nothing to worry about, tho!
To the list of recent unsettling developments at DHS and other federal agencies -such as FEMA camp expansions, massive DHS ammo buys, a creepy new biometric surveillance system just being rolled-out by the FBI, and drones buzzing our backyards with cameras- we can now add the appearance across the country of not just heavily-armored military grade Humvees, but 'GLS' armored personnel carriers (APC's) such as in the picture above-
2500 of them to be exact.

According to reports the Department of Homeland Security is expecting significant push-back in the very near future, which explains why they already have thousands of heavily armored vehicles in DHS 'Police/Rescue' livery, resplendent in either a dashing Gulf War tan or menacing stealth-anthracite:
" What could they need equipment like this for here in the US? They are hitting the road with it. Caravans of National Guard equipment but with new never before seen equipment in the convoys. Take a close look at what is painted on the side of the Black Humvees. The Humvees are fully armored the same standard used by our military.

The use of the word '‘Rescue'’ is an obvious psy-op... …makes it sound nice and benign, kind of like a life-saving paramedic ambulance and not a domination and death machine. The Posse Comitatus Act is gone"