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Does Obama Care have a chance of surviving can Trump fix it?

Is it just me or do you think he is just winging it how can a master plan go so terribly wrong. With all the website problems and people loosing there current insurance and not being able to complete the registration online what else could go wrong. Is it he can't find competent people to implement his plan or the plan is a bad one and needs to be done away with or start all over. I hope this doesn't tear the country appart trying to fix this ongoing dissaster we all are having to face whether we like the plan or not. If you think you might have the answer let us know so we can get this done right.

Maybe Trump can Straighten this mess out one can only Hope.

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Is this the Obama's answer to the Canadian medical system they have in place or is this the biggest mistake the United States government has ever taken on. You can let us know if you think he has taken on something that we and our kids and grandkids may never see it see operate in full capacity. Here is where you can express your opinion on whether he has screwed up big time or you support what he has done so far and want people to know he on the right track.


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