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Just Give The Property Owners A Break

It's time for the property owners to come together and make themselves heard and tell there representatives to change the local tax laws in there state. The American people are tired of paying on there homes forever and now is the time to make a difference before the next generation has to live though the same thing we had to. Our children and our grandchildren should not have to pay on a home tha we paid for 30, 60 or even a 100 years ago or more its just not right and should have never been implemented into the local government system. The people should have a fare tax system were everyone pays with a sales tax no one exempt EVERYONE PAYS to many corperate and non profit organizations that dump even more of the load on to the property owners. It's time to Speak up and be heard don't let this one chance to make a difference slip by so that every generation of your family will pay for your home again and again and again and again for ever until you make it STOP.

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We the people of the United States of America want a fare tax system that does't penalize the property Owners of America to carry the load of the entire United States Municipal Governments. The property owners should not be paying on a piece of property for the rest of there life. Property should be no different than buying a pair of shoes or a television set. We pay one time and that's it not keep paying on some thing that could be taken away after 30 years of mortgage payments then you retire on fixed income and property taxes take away your retirement home and puts you on the streets or where ever as the government is not concerned about what happens to you. Let there be a sales tax (Fare Tax) that everyone pays so if you have money to spend you pay the tax and if you don't have money or your conservative then you should not be penalized for being so.



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